Friday, 24 October 2014


 so I had a poetry workshop with two grade 5 classes of Ambrosoli international school. It was my first time to the school and my my my. indeed an international school is different from the local schools I and so many people I know studied. they teach the kids to be creative, they not only encourage children to be involved in talents. they also nature them. that particular school is very colorful. so any drawings, paintings. every will looks colorful. so I started the workshop with introductions.
introduced my self as 
hello, am Linda the Loinness
my claws are long
to remind me of were I belong
 the kids went ahead to introduce themselves as well adding to their name an animal, or bird they loved. though it was not by intention that since my name starts with letter L that I used an Animal that starts with the same, I found that the children followed that direction. only choosing animals that started with the same letter as their sort of taught me that children like to make personal connections unlike adults.
After the introductions, I 
2. Shared with them two of my  favorite  children poems which are
                                                                                                        Everybody Says

I look just like my mother.

Everybody says

I'm the image of Aunt Bee.

Everybody says
My nose is like my father's
But I want to look like ME! 
 (by Dorothy Aldis)

                                                                                                  The baby sitter
Mrs. Mc twitter, the baby sitter
I think she’s a little bit crazy
She thinks a baby sitter’s supposed to sit upon the baby

                                                                            (By Shel silverstein)
After I got a few to recite for me their favorite poems,. we had a laugh, as most poems were silly and funny.

The first exercise was to write an Acrostic poem spelling out there first name. I gave them an example of a poem I had written 
                                                                      THE FLY
Linda notices a fly on her fried eggs.
Instead of waving it away
Not allowing it to sit and poop
Don’t come to my side of the plate, she says
Adding a piece of bacon.
 (by me)

Its after ten minutes when the kids were done writing their own poems, that they all came in front of the class, one at a time ,to read them out loud. their poems were funny or silly but i should say most had a fly in their poem

Anyway the workshop went on pretty good. the kids were great,they learnt from me and I from them. 
so one of the class had a performance at the school assembly two weeks after, so I made bow ties for the class before and attended one of their rehearsal to help them perform their best .

Here are some pictures of the performance. dont they look cute...................................
bye bye for now. love you

Friday, 22 August 2014


His Kidney is on a plane to Europe
And it won’t be coming back
What he has left is a scar
That folds when he seats in his new car.
legal, illegal
everyone's always looking to trade.

Her hair is on a ship to Africa
and she will be sending more
they'll cut it as bangs
hold it as pony tails
make all the styles
she wasn't ever confident to wear
legal, illegal
everyone's always looking to trade.

The internet has made the world a small global market
with just a click, you can buy yourself some sperm
some breast milk, for the crying baby to be calm
just cause you’re not buying, don’t mean they're not selling
just cause they're not selling publicly
don’t mean they not selling online
dont mean 
everyone's continuing to trade.

There are some buyers that are too busy to meet sellers
There are those, constantly looking to meet with sellers
then others that are too sacred to meet, even behind closed doors
legal, illegal
everyone’s continues to trade

And then the middlemen, who some are cheats
they measure your level of poverty 
to your level of desperacy
they will bounce you around like basketballs
kick you around like footballs
then swing you away like a golf ball
legal, illegal
it’s the sellers that are paying the price

Then some middle men are honest
if it doesn't work, bring it back
if it doesn't fit, bring it back
but his kidney is not coming back
his heart now beats in another’s chest
and he didn't consent
its the gangs to whom money was sent
legal, illegal
everyone's continuing to trade
and that should change

When a wealthy man’s heart starts to fail
with his name printed way below the donor list
his conscious be come’s that of a beast
and he'll pay any price to live
legal, illegal
everyones' continuing to trade

so my brother, my sister
have you verified that scholarship
does it really exist
do you trust the stranger that wants to take you over seas
they'll lure you in any way
are you that desperate
that hopeless
cause legal,illegal
everyone’s continue to trade
in something
in someone
let it not be you.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Hello beautiful people. I missed you so much. Am happy am back,been very  busy with work. trying to make  money which am sure you'll agree with me is a hustle mostly in my bustle city this year has gone on pretty fast, we are now in August,hmmm what have you achieved so far?
 if you are on vacation, lucky you.
if you lied to your boss that your sick just to have some time off ,I wont judge you.
I have been doing lots of things and I'll share with you in the next coming days.

for now enjoy the poem

Black should have been the color to match your wedding gown that’s gone.
The necklace is fine gal, but black should have been the color as it represents this heart of mine that got torn.
like honey from a bee
Him and I were meant to be
our souls met before we were born.
But when you came boom like a magic spell, he was gone.

What we shared was true love
Our feelings tight like a glove
What you had with him had no foundation,
I knew it wouldn't last
I waited for it to melt like snow
Be dried in vapor
Lost in the mist in the midst of no where
I didn't wait for long
For it wasn't long for him to see that
Black is the color you are in and out.
Your mindset black
Your thoughts dark
Pretentious like a white fellow in Africa
You took what was mine, who was mine

You caused me so much pain
In Juju you thought you would gain
You treated me like a dog
But I clung to the almighty God
And he came through


Juju -witchcraft

Saturday, 5 April 2014



I shiver when the night falls.
For sleep I will not have in my bed.
Mama, you never told me marriage was like this,
For my husband is another in the night.
No... His not a night dancer
He doesn't even snore
What he does is summed up in only one word

From January to December
I always have a bun in my oven
I never have time for my self
Am always looking after his very many children.

He tore my moon beads,
He threw away my pills,
He doesn't want the injection,
My only hope for family planning
To him am not a woman
To him I have no say on my body
To him am not am equal

I never attend village weddings
I never attend women circles
How can I fit?
How can I be accepted?
Am the example they give........
Don’t be like that woman they gossip.
She has a football team of children.
All the women burst out in laughter.
As am passing by from the local market.

Mama, I miss my youth
I miss my teenage
Gone are my succulent breasts
His children have sucked the life out of my breasts
Oh oh but it is him that I dread
For his teeth, don't know tender breasts

Gone are my nice thighs
The thighs that would terrorize all the village boys
Oh oh in the night they disappear
For his styles in the night
Don’t know tender thighs like mine

I look older than I am.
I dress older than I am.
Mama Mama.
Not another night.
Not another night.
With my husband.
Am going back with you.
Am coming home to my,
Fathers house.

 poem by Nada
With the increased rate of unwanted pregnancies and abortions, most girls,women have no say when it comes to choosing and using a family planning method in. concentration is put on how many children the man wants and never what the woman wants so she suffers in silence.

I submitted my photo for the


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Monday, 24 March 2014

THESE WOMEN poetry by Nada

                                                               THESE WOMEN

I wanna talk to women.
Women of all sizes, skin colours
Weave types: synthetic, human hair I don’t care.
I wanna talk to all women.
 Black, white, in-between.....
 Those with fanta faces and coca cola legs
I don’t care.

I wanna talk to women
Those that rock the cat walk?
Bed room, Lecture room,
Executive board room,
Those I care.
In each and everything we do, a man is a man.

Executive board room woman
You may be the boss in the office but at home, he is the head.
You many earn much more money but at home he is the head.
You may be addressed as,
Yes madam, yes madam, am sorry madam..... Right aware madam,
But don’t expect the same from your man at home.
His way past that for he takes a place in your heart no subordinate, colleague will ever take,
And each day he goes deeper and deeper.
Now I ain’t saying the tables should be turned and that you should start saying
Yes sir! Yes sir!
The food is on the table sir!
The water is in the bathroom sir!
But....Yes baby sounds quite more like it,
Yes baby come.....let me give you some sugar before the kids come back from school sounds quite like more it.
Yes baby I wanna show you that I appreciate you,
That I love you, that I need you.
A man just wants to be a man.
He doesn’t want you to see his manhood only in the bed sheets,
But in every   aspect of the relationship.
So executive boardroom woman, am giving that to you as a food of thought,
As you pretend to be scrolling down that I-pad you bought.

Money lover chic
Now you money   lover chic / freak.
Gal you can jump from one man to another,
You do it with a lot of skills it kills.
Why do you jump?
 Is money really the bother?
You have a child, who doesn’t have a father,
But how can you know the father,
When you jump from one man to another.
Money comes and money goes
Unless if your dating Bill Gates
But these Kampala men that like to bet
Whatever money they get they bet
Put it in your thick skull that today he has, tomorrow he does not
And maybe the next day he will if God so wills.
Get off your high horse,
Taking you out buying you a Samsung shouldn’t be by force.
And this business of men coming in and out,
In and out of your Muzigo,
Just cause the previous one failed to buy you a clear essence kizigo,
That is so not cool gal......................
These men keep on saying that you are a fool.
And that is so not cool.

Side dish/today is my day to be with me sort of chick
Now you side dish/today is my day to be with me sort of chic..
Now another girl may know that you are seeing her man and she may choose to do nothing about it.
In fact she may know that her man meets you in peculiar places at peculiar times doing peculiar things but she may still choose to do nothing about it.
Munanage   God said we share........
 Am a B*****h with a capital B
If my man is a table and I mean a mahogany table,
And I a dish and I mean a dish from the UK,
I ought to be the only dish on that table,
These side dishes from bwaise, kalerwe, kikubo ,
Any dish that is not me, I don’t need it on my table,
These side dishes of cabbage, kachubali ,
Don’t put on my table,
These side dishes that are put just in-case the main dish is not enough
 Now why wouldn’t I be enough?
Do I look like someone that can be enough?
Gal............ Amma tell you a secret....
He can’t handle me, his always like
‘’ time out... no no time out no waaaba too much’’.
But if you still feel confident
Walking with your high heels in my relationship territory
I will starch your face you go not like it when am done
Get off the sexual network
Go get your man

Single lady/Single lady/ SINGLE X5/5 YEARS
Now you single/desperate girl
I look at the list of all the qualities you’re looking for in a man and I feel sorry for you
Unless if your waiting for a man from mars, Venus
But these Kampala men won’t go past number three
But girl............ you are so judgemental
Just because his wearing flats and not moccasins
So you won’t give him your number, eh?
And by the way, flats from BATA that are on discount
That is good enough at least his not bear footed.

Like we women we like to say that we are not our hair
Some men like to say that they are not what they wear
He may look lousy but he will give you a lot of love
You will feel like your that dove
 That flew out of Noah’s ark.
But that ain’t gonna happen if you’re so judgemental
You see all the men around you as being beneath you
Not worthy of you, underneath you
So you keep on climbing the ladder looking for a man with higher standards like Jesus Christ.
Leaving all the men down the ladder
Looking up at you as you go
Climbing to higher heights than the MAPEERA
So they ask...............
‘’Where the hell are you going? We are all down here? What did you say? Sorry we can’t hear you you’re up the ladder so high? Okkk when ready to come down just holla.’’
On one hand you have all the qualities you’re looking for in a man laid on your finger tips but
 on the other hand I want you to ask yourself what are the qualities that am looking for that I actually have
Because you may have such low standards that even when I bend over I can’t get lower to your standards... have been so single for a long time
You have gotten such a bad attitude
You need to get laid.

Girls, Girlfriends, women, ladies, wives, facebook haters, twitter lovers, instagram addicts, Bitches whatever......................
I ain’t saying that we should be perfect
All am saying is that we should strive to be the best women we can be.
Our father in heaven expects the best from us
 He knows that we have the capacity, capability, ability to be the best.
When he says yes no fool can say no.

So if you’re striving to be the best at your job, business, executive boardroom
Strive as well to be the best wife you can be to your husband
Strive as well to be the best mother you can be to your children
The best sister to your siblings
The best daughter to your parents
The best child to your father in heaven

If you’re a waitress then strive to be the best waitress you can be
If you’re a model then strive to be the best model that you can be
Though keep in mind that your body is the temple of the lord
Not the temple of some men that see you as flesh
When you go with them you will come crumbling down like Babylon
Tumbling down like Jack and Jill
Down the hill in heels.
If you’re a house wife then strive to be the best house wife you can be.
Staying home doesn’t mean that you should put your best clothes, shoes, makeup in the darkest corner
Ebyo  byabamla  ngan genda out
Your man comes back home and he just looks at you and looks the other side.
Look good, Look good while doing the dishes look good
Look good while his around and even when his not around
Cause I see your man, his full of excuses
His walking closer to the sexual network while murmuring that he doesn’t like the way you’re looking
Gal............................. get your man off the sexual network.
Look goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.................

Women Take Five
If you are a man and you know that your wife is as hot as hell
 When you ring that bell she gives you this amazing yell
You know that she would go north and south for you
East and west for you
But you treat her like shit
With her you are so valagant
But with bu campuses you are so extravagant
 I just have one word for you
 You are on an A-HOLE
And I don’t know why she’d keep giving you her P-hole
 Cause if she were me, you wouldn’t even see my Mouth hole

WAAMA Girls, girlfriends, women, ladies, wives, facebook haters, twitter lovers, bitches ...WHATEVER..........
I ain’t saying that we should be perfect
All am saying is let’s strive to be the best women that we can be
Let’s be role models, mentors, speakers, friends and most importantly lovers of CHRIST.

THESE WOMEN is a poem written by Nada. Want to see it performed ,
Nada will be performing this poem for the very first time   
On the 25th/march/14 at Poetry in Session, THE HUB in Kamokya and on the
 27th/march/14 at  Kwivuga in Gattomatto   in Bugolobi.