Friday, 22 August 2014


His Kidney is on a plane to Europe
And it won’t be coming back
What he has left is a scar
That folds when he seats in his new car.
legal, illegal
everyone's always looking to trade.

Her hair is on a ship to Africa
and she will be sending more
they'll cut it as bangs
hold it as pony tails
make all the styles
she wasn't ever confident to wear
legal, illegal
everyone's always looking to trade.

The internet has made the world a small global market
with just a click, you can buy yourself some sperm
some breast milk, for the crying baby to be calm
just cause you’re not buying, don’t mean they're not selling
just cause they're not selling publicly
don’t mean they not selling online
dont mean 
everyone's continuing to trade.

There are some buyers that are too busy to meet sellers
There are those, constantly looking to meet with sellers
then others that are too sacred to meet, even behind closed doors
legal, illegal
everyone’s continues to trade

And then the middlemen, who some are cheats
they measure your level of poverty 
to your level of desperacy
they will bounce you around like basketballs
kick you around like footballs
then swing you away like a golf ball
legal, illegal
it’s the sellers that are paying the price

Then some middle men are honest
if it doesn't work, bring it back
if it doesn't fit, bring it back
but his kidney is not coming back
his heart now beats in another’s chest
and he didn't consent
its the gangs to whom money was sent
legal, illegal
everyone's continuing to trade
and that should change

When a wealthy man’s heart starts to fail
with his name printed way below the donor list
his conscious be come’s that of a beast
and he'll pay any price to live
legal, illegal
everyones' continuing to trade

so my brother, my sister
have you verified that scholarship
does it really exist
do you trust the stranger that wants to take you over seas
they'll lure you in any way
are you that desperate
that hopeless
cause legal,illegal
everyone’s continue to trade
in something
in someone
let it not be you.

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