Thursday, 26 September 2013


Being on stage is always fun. The first time I ever recited a poem  was at the open mic at the  open house Restaurant  on Buganda road. At first I had just gone there to see  how the poets recite and the person that caught my eye was Gilly Willy the rest hadn't impressed me that much, mostly those that came with their poems written on paper , ready to give us a bore . To me Gilly Willy was exceptional.

I remember walking back home and telling my self that I could do better than most of the poets that had gone up on stage, and come the next week I would go up that stage and try for the very first time reciting a poem. the poem that I did was OJUKU. I  had initially planned to Recite ''Her Breasts'' but then I reckoned the poem would be a little too much for the crowd, so I opted for OJUKU and  I haven't looked back. the crowd received me well and I was glad. Every one kept on asking me how  long I had been doing poetry and the honestly the answer was One week.

Meeting Slim and getting to hear his poetry , I was amazed. His the type of poet that always says Sense. his poems are always inspiring and educational. I love his poem on Fistula and Hiv. problems we still face in our society.

Melissa is to me a sexy very intelligent  poet (with guts) whose poems so many should read. The times I have had her recite, she says the most simplest words in the deepest way , you always need a minute or two  for her words to sink down. Am still sad we couldn't go on with our project of Lyrical penetration because of finances but I haven't written it off. Money will  come ,Money will be made.

Deep Words ,I tell you

Rashida is a very good friend of mine that I got to know through poetry. We always meet, I ve been to her place several times. she is a very good writer and that saw her win the BN poetry award this year. she is a very emotional performer. putting a lot of feeling in her performances. Am glad we know know each other

BON FIRE..................................................... MORE FIRE
In all the places I have performed at so far, the greatest one has always been at the bon fire. There you never need to impress any one. all you have to do is speck your heart. most of the performers are from the Ghetto. amazing poets and hip pop guys reciting and rapping both in English and their mother tongues. The first time I performed there, what I really wanted was the platform but each and every time I went back I made friends, mostly guys who would come from the surrounding ghettos to watch, perform and cheer on.... when you find them in the streets, they may look scary just ready to grab your bag but they are more than that once you get to know them. they are very talented and they too have what say. Am glad that I know the bonfire and mostly that I know UGLY, the founder. In all the people that push me to being better not only in poetry but other aspects of life is UGLY. His a business person always seeing a money making opportunity in what some of us may just want to do for fun, for passion. his not selfish, he pushes you to be better and better.

AND THEN ME........................................................................ AGAIN

  When I look at pictures am tagged in on Facebook , pictures taken when am on stage . The first thing I say  is OMG ,they took that picture from my bad side, I look Ugly. Hahahahah..................... but I guess the best  pictures are those taken when you don't know.
 I have been doing poetry for three years now and  I should say that what I haven't gotten used to is when an  MC praises me before I go on stage. am still not used to being praised. some people say because I have at most humility but the truth is because when others say am good,  I see I can do much more better.


         '' HER BREASTS  POEM''

I don't recall the poem here.  Oba which one