Thursday, 26 September 2013


Being on stage is always fun. The first time I ever recited a poem  was at the open mic at the  open house Restaurant  on Buganda road. At first I had just gone there to see  how the poets recite and the person that caught my eye was Gilly Willy the rest hadn't impressed me that much, mostly those that came with their poems written on paper , ready to give us a bore . To me Gilly Willy was exceptional.

I remember walking back home and telling my self that I could do better than most of the poets that had gone up on stage, and come the next week I would go up that stage and try for the very first time reciting a poem. the poem that I did was OJUKU. I  had initially planned to Recite ''Her Breasts'' but then I reckoned the poem would be a little too much for the crowd, so I opted for OJUKU and  I haven't looked back. the crowd received me well and I was glad. Every one kept on asking me how  long I had been doing poetry and the honestly the answer was One week.

Meeting Slim and getting to hear his poetry , I was amazed. His the type of poet that always says Sense. his poems are always inspiring and educational. I love his poem on Fistula and Hiv. problems we still face in our society.

Melissa is to me a sexy very intelligent  poet (with guts) whose poems so many should read. The times I have had her recite, she says the most simplest words in the deepest way , you always need a minute or two  for her words to sink down. Am still sad we couldn't go on with our project of Lyrical penetration because of finances but I haven't written it off. Money will  come ,Money will be made.

Deep Words ,I tell you

Rashida is a very good friend of mine that I got to know through poetry. We always meet, I ve been to her place several times. she is a very good writer and that saw her win the BN poetry award this year. she is a very emotional performer. putting a lot of feeling in her performances. Am glad we know know each other

BON FIRE..................................................... MORE FIRE
In all the places I have performed at so far, the greatest one has always been at the bon fire. There you never need to impress any one. all you have to do is speck your heart. most of the performers are from the Ghetto. amazing poets and hip pop guys reciting and rapping both in English and their mother tongues. The first time I performed there, what I really wanted was the platform but each and every time I went back I made friends, mostly guys who would come from the surrounding ghettos to watch, perform and cheer on.... when you find them in the streets, they may look scary just ready to grab your bag but they are more than that once you get to know them. they are very talented and they too have what say. Am glad that I know the bonfire and mostly that I know UGLY, the founder. In all the people that push me to being better not only in poetry but other aspects of life is UGLY. His a business person always seeing a money making opportunity in what some of us may just want to do for fun, for passion. his not selfish, he pushes you to be better and better.

AND THEN ME........................................................................ AGAIN

  When I look at pictures am tagged in on Facebook , pictures taken when am on stage . The first thing I say  is OMG ,they took that picture from my bad side, I look Ugly. Hahahahah..................... but I guess the best  pictures are those taken when you don't know.
 I have been doing poetry for three years now and  I should say that what I haven't gotten used to is when an  MC praises me before I go on stage. am still not used to being praised. some people say because I have at most humility but the truth is because when others say am good,  I see I can do much more better.


         '' HER BREASTS  POEM''

I don't recall the poem here.  Oba which one








Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I published my first post '' My new apartment on the 17th/07/2013. I didn't think anyone would be interested in reading it, so I had told my self it would be my first and last post. What changed my mind was the message I got on Facebook the next day

Hi Jamain,I really wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog article
about your new apartment,it was fresh,clean and simple on the eye
keep them coming.
signed.,new fan.

I didnt really think blogging would be one of the coolest things that has happened to me this year. am always looking forward to going back home from work,sitting in-front of my PC and sharing my day,thoughts,views with my new invisible friends.

United States
South Africa
United Kingdom
 All my blog readers ,from your respective countries


The part that I love the most on you baby girl, are your buttocks
Cause nothing shapes a woman more than her buttocks
Not bottom, bottom………… limits my imagination
For am a man of description

You go call me whatever you want
Obsessed, possessed but baby girl
Am obsessed about you
For your like tequila and sex on the beach cocktails down my esophagus

You see, you’re a true representation
Of trending fashion
That’s my perception
From now on, if you want to attend any occasion
Am VIP you will not need to queue at the reception
Am willing to fulfill your every expectation
Do you want further education?
Do you want a birthday celebration?
Now that is my total dedication
You see am a banker by designation
I also host a political show on nation television
Am willing to fulfill your every expectation
But on only one condition

Come……….. Come………………
I want to take you to my Muyenga mansion
Where you will lay back on my expensive Dubai cushion
And show me that dimension
That dimension that go make me have a hard erection
An erection that go opt for a straight penetration
You do not have to worry about any interruption
My wife says in the Na-guru Mansion
You do not have to worry about any Prevention
I passed through circumcision, am VIP I get HIV/AIDS immunization
Now why are you still worried?
Are you in your menstruation?
OH its conception
You’re worried about conception,
But I thought you’re on an injection

Even though you’re not on an injection
We shall not have pregnancy prevention
In case of conception
You will become my wife to stay in this Muyenga mansion

But you see, I don’t want your concentration to be on the dangers of
I don’t want you to think that sleeping with a married man is an
I need sexual satisfaction……………………………………
I don’t want you to lay like a log
Like firewood in transportation
I need sexual participation
If you fulfill my one condition
I may even take take you to Mombasa for a vacation
In short,
In brief,
In conclusion,
Come……… come……..
I want to take you to a private place
Where you go show me your private parts and I go give you money

(And the next moiring it was my turn to talk)
(pretty lady)
Did you enjoy?
Did you enjoy my spectacular curves?
Did you enjoy my HIV positive flesh?
Ah aha ha big daddy, do not worry
The positiveness is mostly in the blood
My flesh is negative
Ah aha aha ARV’s are free; I get them free from the hospital
What! What! What are you complaining about?
Do you think you will be the first one to have HIV?
Or do you think you will the last?
My dear, every day a stupid woman and man like you
Forget about all the advice they have gotten about HIV
They forget about ABC they opt for IGL……. I GO LIVE
Now why are you blaming?

While in club silk, were you drunk, yes!
While in your automobile, did you talk about an HIV test, NO!
While you were driving, didn’t you pass by a billboard saying get off
the sexual network, you did
And while you continued to drive, did you pass by Oasis to buy
Or did we buy them from Nakumatt?
We did not buy condoms
So why are you blaming me
Even when I gave you my rough rider, my rubber,
You threw it back to me and said
‘’Give that rubber to Rabadaba
For me I go live
I do it live
As live as an Umeme wire’’
So why are you haywire?

Next time do not let your eyes do the work of a microscope,
Do not look at some body and conclude they are HIV negative
You will be in for a disappointment
Next time, use a condom
Or even you should be faithful to your wife
I will not advise you to abstain
I wouldn’t want your wife to complain
You took me to a private place
And I showed you my private parts
And I did not only stop at showing you
You know what we did
So give me my moneyooooooooooooo
I want to goo…………………………..

(Muyenga mansion is a narrative poem written and performed by me. My first book of poetry NIPPLES, DIMPLES and PIMPLES will soon be

Using laughter to still pass on the message 

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Shall we burn up, tread that face at once
Into tinder,
And so hinder
Sparks from kindling all the place at once?

Or else kiss away one's soul on her?
Your love-fancies!
- -A sick man sees
Truer, when his hot eyes roll on her!



Rosy rubies make its cup more rose,
Precious metals
Ape the petals,- -
Last, some old king locks it up, morose!

Then how grace a rose? I know a way!
Leave it, rather.
Must you gather?
Smell, kiss, wear it- -at last, throw away!

A Pretty Woman



POETRY and NADA (part 1)

A Pretty Woman

  by Robert Browning

That fawn-skin-dappled hair of hers,
And the blue eye
Dear and dewy,
And that infantine fresh air of hers! 

To think men cannot take you, Sweet,
And enfold you,
Ay, and hold you,
And so keep you what they make you, Sweet!

You like us for a glance, you know- -
For a word's sake
Or a sword's sake,
All's the same, whate'er the chance, you know.

And in turn we make you ours, we say- -
You and youth too,
Eyes and mouth too,
All the face composed of flowers, we say.

But for loving, why, you would not, Sweet,
Though we prayed you,
Paid you, brayed you
in a mortar- -for you could not, Sweet!
All's our own, to make the most of, Sweet- -
Sing and say for,
Watch and pray for,
Keep a secret or go boast of, Sweet!

So, we leave the sweet face fondly there:
Be its beauty
Its sole duty!
Let all hope of grace beyond, lie there!

As,- -why must one, for the love foregone,
Scout mere liking?
Earth,- -the heaven, we looked above for, gone!
And while the face lies quiet there,
Who shall wonder
That I ponder
A conclusion? I will try it there.

Why, with beauty, needs there money be,
Love with liking?
Crush the fly-king
In his gauze, because no honey-bee?

Is the creature too imperfect,
Would you mend it
And so end it?
Since not all addition perfects aye!

May not liking be so simple-sweet,
If love grew there
'Twould undo there
All that breaks the cheek to dimples sweet?

Or is it of its kind, perhaps,
Just perfection- -
Whence, rejection
Of a grace not to its mind, perhaps?

Friday, 2 August 2013



                                I SEE YOU

My soul watches you fighting for my belongings,
Even before my body turns cold
It sees you cry with one eye closed
As the other is open ,eyeing the sauce pan of porridge.

the bible talks of you,
Putting on my grave cheap flowers
Wont they rot faster than my body
Is the color of the petals a mimic of my ashen skin
Don’t bother making my casket pretty on the top
I really don’t care for fake beauty.

My soul watches you gossip about my will
who will inherit my land
wear my clothes,sell my suitcase of heels
But if I were you, I would gossip very little
For you have no share on my property

My soul has hears you
But it will make no threats
 I will wait for your turn
So  just go ahead 
 eye that porridge on the charcoal
Fight for the legs of the cow
Fall in the sauce pan of pilau
Not long you will join me here
And its only fools that ask where?


Wednesday, 31 July 2013


So yesterday I went to camel club to watch Susanne anique sing. She was amazing .she sang all my favorite jazz songs by Holiday, Makeba etc. she looked amazing too. I have come to notice that I really love jazz. When I watch a jazz performance, I don’t want any interruption; I want not to hear or listen to the music but to FEEL it. I and my friends really had a good time. I wouldn’t want to advertise but you ought to go to camel club. In the night it looks lovely, drinks are affordable, Will be back there tomorrow for a dinner date. They have a amazing food unlike mish mash. Twice I have eaten at Mish mash and I have not been too happy.

     In this world if you really want something, you need to go for it, so when I saw on face book that Kaz kasozi will soon have his concert at jazz-ville, I told myself that I had to be on that stage. To cut the short story shorter, I THINK I will perform on his concert. Back him up in three songs and do poetry. I slept very late yesterday from camel club cause the moment I reached home, I had to listen again and again to the three songs I will be backing him up. My favorite is CHERRY LIPS

The chorus goes as ‘’ I want to suck on those cherry lips baby, I do.x2

Am now reminded by a movie I watched recently. It had a funny song
‘’a friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better
A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with breasts is better
One that has them looking good in leather. ………………………………
Those late night movies that are so boring they need to play them when half of the world is asleep


So the final Eight episodes of Breaking Bad are out. I say out not because I have watched them but because I saw a picture of the producers celebrating the final release. Twice I have gone to video libraries asking if they have the episodes yet but they all say NO. so please if you’re out there nga you have a copy of the final 8 Episodes of season 5 please share with me the info on where you bought the CD. Please don’t tell me to download from the internet.  I don’t have shares in MTN (banange, they have shitty internet).  
Bye bye for now, I remain your          –girl                                
                                                     -girlfriend      (in your dreams)