Tuesday, 8 December 2015


The first thing I noticed once I arrived in Maun was the sun..its a pounding kind of sun ...a sun forced into a metallic mortar and pounded to pieces which then fall back together....
Its very hot.... but mostly not to the wayeyi people from Sexaxa village..they have a beautiful dance they do half nude in the sun...with shakers round there legs they move to a pattern the sand knows so well.from their tongues and body makes you forget the sweat dripping down your face

Seated in the lounge of the Gaborone airport

In betwen these beautiful actors. I enjoyed their play 

Rashida  at the lounge.. we travelled together

Inbetween Anthony Molosi and Tebogo ChiefKunta Moloise

The three beautiful Bostwaan ladies
Mis Phopho Phonchi
Mmakgosi Anita Tau,
Maipelo Zambane


The trees are on the things I loved the most in Maun. I pictured my self running through lines of them.

 Mmakgosi Anita Tau

The last words she said to me, will always stay with me. She is a blessed lady. LOVE YOU

My family

Thank you Cliff .love you

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