Monday, 23 February 2015



The part that I love the most on you baby girl, are your buttocks
Cause nothing shapes a woman more than her buttocks
Not bottom, bottom………… limits my imagination
For am a man of description

You go call me whatever you want
Obsessed, possessed but baby girl
Am obsessed about you
For your like tequila and sex on the beach cocktails down my esophagus

You see, you’re a true representation
Of trending fashion
That’s my perception
From now on, if you want to attend any occasion
Am VIP you will not need to queue at the reception
Am willing to fulfill your every expectation
Do you want further education?
Do you want a birthday celebration?
Now that is my total dedication
You see am a banker by designation
I also host a political show on nation television
Am willing to fulfill your every expectation
But on only one condition

Come……….. Come………………
I want to take you to my Muyenga mansion
Where you will lay back on my expensive Dubai cushion
And show me that dimension
That dimension that go make me have a hard erection
An erection that go opt for a straight penetration
You do not have to worry about any interruption
My wife says in the Na-guru Mansion
You do not have to worry about any Prevention
I passed through circumcision, am VIP I get HIV/AIDS immunization
Now why are you still worried?
Are you in your menstruation?
OH its conception
You’re worried about conception,
But I thought you’re on an injection

Even though you’re not on an injection
We shall not have pregnancy prevention
In case of conception
You will become my wife to stay in this Muyenga mansion

But you see, I don’t want your concentration to be on the dangers of
I don’t want you to think that sleeping with a married man is an
I need sexual satisfaction……………………………………
I don’t want you to lay like a log
Like firewood in transportation
I need sexual participation
If you fulfill my one condition
I may even take take you to Mombasa for a vacation
In short,
In brief,
In conclusion,
Come……… come……..
I want to take you to a private place
Where you go show me your private parts and I go give you money

(And the next moiring it was my turn to talk)
(pretty lady)
Did you enjoy?
Did you enjoy my spectacular curves?
Did you enjoy my HIV positive flesh?
Ah aha ha big daddy, do not worry
The positiveness is mostly in the blood
My flesh is negative
Ah aha aha ARV’s are free; I get them free from the hospital
What! What! What are you complaining about?
Do you think you will be the first one to have HIV?
Or do you think you will the last?
My dear, every day a stupid woman and man like you
Forget about all the advice they have gotten about HIV
They forget about ABC they opt for IGL……. I GO LIVE
Now why are you blaming?

While in club silk, were you drunk, yes!
While in your automobile, did you talk about an HIV test, NO!
While you were driving, didn’t you pass by a billboard saying get off
the sexual network, you did
And while you continued to drive, did you pass by Oasis to buy
Or did we buy them from Nakumatt?
We did not buy condoms
So why are you blaming me
Even when I gave you my rough rider, my rubber,
You threw it back to me and said
‘’Give that rubber to Rabadaba
For me I go live
I do it live
As live as an Umeme wire’’
So why are you haywire?

Next time do not let your eyes do the work of a microscope,
Do not look at some body and conclude they are HIV negative
You will be in for a disappointment
Next time, use a condom
Or even you should be faithful to your wife
I will not advise you to abstain
I wouldn’t want your wife to complain
You took me to a private place
And I showed you my private parts
And I did not only stop at showing you
You know what we did
So give me my moneyooooooooooooo
I want to goo…………………………..

(Muyenga mansion is a narrative poem written and performed by me. My first book of poetry NIPPLES, DIMPLES and PIMPLES will soon be

Using laughter to still pass on the message 

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