Friday, 2 August 2013



                                I SEE YOU

My soul watches you fighting for my belongings,
Even before my body turns cold
It sees you cry with one eye closed
As the other is open ,eyeing the sauce pan of porridge.

the bible talks of you,
Putting on my grave cheap flowers
Wont they rot faster than my body
Is the color of the petals a mimic of my ashen skin
Don’t bother making my casket pretty on the top
I really don’t care for fake beauty.

My soul watches you gossip about my will
who will inherit my land
wear my clothes,sell my suitcase of heels
But if I were you, I would gossip very little
For you have no share on my property

My soul has hears you
But it will make no threats
 I will wait for your turn
So  just go ahead 
 eye that porridge on the charcoal
Fight for the legs of the cow
Fall in the sauce pan of pilau
Not long you will join me here
And its only fools that ask where?


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