Friday, 14 August 2015


Late May, this year, the idea to have a musical monologue with three women on stage was birthed  thanks to creatives like  Rashida and Sandy, our play characters ,Kendra,Marina and Sara, came to life.
This is a universal play that shows why some women continue to be alone, heart broken single mothers and the ultimate woman we all envy and seek to be, who is fulfilled and happy in her relationship.
 The Afro man spice show was played well on the 10th of July, showing the ups and downs involved  in relationships with African men.
we cant thank enough all the people that supported us  straight from the beginning.

1.Emma Owaraga: He is such an amazing photographer. I was really impressed with his works but mostly his kindness. check out his other photos on face book at owaraga photographie

 We were glad to have been  sponsored by Tropical heat, KFC,Brand 360,NTV, Pearl Rhythm,Festival and fruity media and the National theater .


 Watch this 30 Seconds advert  thanks to Nation Television for its  sponsorship worth millions of shillings.

Check out the  Back pass interviews with host Denzel (URBAN TV)

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