Wednesday, 31 July 2013


So yesterday I went to camel club to watch Susanne anique sing. She was amazing .she sang all my favorite jazz songs by Holiday, Makeba etc. she looked amazing too. I have come to notice that I really love jazz. When I watch a jazz performance, I don’t want any interruption; I want not to hear or listen to the music but to FEEL it. I and my friends really had a good time. I wouldn’t want to advertise but you ought to go to camel club. In the night it looks lovely, drinks are affordable, Will be back there tomorrow for a dinner date. They have a amazing food unlike mish mash. Twice I have eaten at Mish mash and I have not been too happy.

     In this world if you really want something, you need to go for it, so when I saw on face book that Kaz kasozi will soon have his concert at jazz-ville, I told myself that I had to be on that stage. To cut the short story shorter, I THINK I will perform on his concert. Back him up in three songs and do poetry. I slept very late yesterday from camel club cause the moment I reached home, I had to listen again and again to the three songs I will be backing him up. My favorite is CHERRY LIPS

The chorus goes as ‘’ I want to suck on those cherry lips baby, I do.x2

Am now reminded by a movie I watched recently. It had a funny song
‘’a friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better
A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with breasts is better
One that has them looking good in leather. ………………………………
Those late night movies that are so boring they need to play them when half of the world is asleep


So the final Eight episodes of Breaking Bad are out. I say out not because I have watched them but because I saw a picture of the producers celebrating the final release. Twice I have gone to video libraries asking if they have the episodes yet but they all say NO. so please if you’re out there nga you have a copy of the final 8 Episodes of season 5 please share with me the info on where you bought the CD. Please don’t tell me to download from the internet.  I don’t have shares in MTN (banange, they have shitty internet).  
Bye bye for now, I remain your          –girl                                
                                                     -girlfriend      (in your dreams)